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Writing Champions!

Welcome to our Writing Champion's school blog, written by Poppy and Emma from Oak class. We hope you enjoy the blog!

Writing Champions Blog

Goodbye Oak Class

rowla089 on: Writing Champions Blog

Sadly, this is the last blog we are ever going to write! But we
are so very excited for the upcoming events of secondary school, we
cannot wait for the great opportunities in the near future.
We have had such an amazing time at Walderslade primary, especially
whilst being in Oak class. For those of you have taken time to
comment, we want to thank you so much for being so supportive and
interactive with our shout outs and activities, we are very pleased
with the delightful responses we have received to complement our blog
this year!

On Wednesday we rehearsed for our Leaver’s assembly and many people
started to cry, which was very sad, although we expect more upset on
Friday (#bringtissues)!
During this assembly we will explain our greatest memories of
Walderslade Primary and despite this being a sad time we will try and
make it happier, because it can be a positive experience!

Last week we certainly had a pleasant experience as our Production was
a success! The amusing reviews left us performers surprised with the
result our parents were very proud and Poppy’s mum started crying

Thank you for being so supportive throughout our journey of being
writing champions we have certainly progressed and we are very proud
to be handing it down to the next writing champions, but from us a
very big goodbye!
Emma H and Poppy H!!!!!!!! xxxxxx

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Writing Champion Blog catch up...

rowla089 on: Writing Champions Blog

Hello! Sorry we didn’t put a new blog back up last week. We know what you’re thinking- excuses, excuses! But, last week the majority of Oak class went to Kingswood at the Isle of Wight. It was amazing and we stayed there from Monday evening, until Friday afternoon. Because of that, we don’t know much about what happened last week, apart from what happened at the Isle of Wight. So, we decided to tell you ball about that.


Most of the activities required you to wear a harness and a helmet, which class 6 loved! These activities were: Balance Beam, Leap of Faith, Abseiling, Zip Wire, Outdoor Climb and Indoor Climb. We also did exciting things, such as: Fencing, AeroBall,low ropes, team tech, Beach Games, Team Games and finally Archery.


Every day we had something called evening entertainment; for the first night it was a walk up a steep hill (which was very fun as we went up to a massive monument and saw an amazing view), for the second night it was karaoke, the third night it was a disco and for the final evening, it was Scrapheap Challenge. Scrapheap Challenge was basically composing an invention out of cardboard and sticky tape. Our group made a sweet powered friend-finding machine. Crazy, right!? 

Thank you so much for reading. We know we say it often, but please comment below! We love to hear what you think of our blogs and we are always looking for new things to blog about!

From your Writing Champions,

Poppy and Emma xx

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Term 5

rowla089 on: Writing Champions Blog

Hi readers! Sorry we haven’t  been writing much; so many exciting things have happened! For example,  the Charity Committee have been to the Wisdom Hospice- the charity our  school’s been working with, for those of you who are new readers- for a mini-party. Well, for some food, short video and awards! We also
could see everyone who participated in fundraising, in what the Wisdom Hospice calls: the Basepoint challenge.  Now, you are probably wondering about the awards;  you see, everyone who took part got a certificate and Easter egg and those who stood out also got extra prizes: the  primary school who raised the most money got an award (that was us!), the secondary school that raised the most and whoever raised the most money overall. The challenge is also open to adults
too- not just schools. Over all, we had a really great time!

Some of the year sixes have been going to a hockey league and making the school proud! JThey did really well and were very happy with the place that they came in.

As always, we tell you about what class is doing what for the term.
So, here is the list:
Sunbeams: growing
Rainbow class: growing
Willow class: where the wild things are
Lime class: sowing and growing
Maple class: could you be a performer?
Cherry class: where will your imagination take you?
Birch class: diet and body
Oak class: star wars

Thank you for reading again, (remember to comment!),
From your writing champions, Poppy and Emma. Xx

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Another busy week...

rowla089 on: Writing Champions Blog

Welcome back to Walderslade's Weekly Writing Champion's Blog, where we tell you all about what's been happening in Walderslade Primary School this week, so let's get the gossip...

This week we have a surprise for you! An exclusive interview with our school's Deputy Head Teacher Mrs Rowley Jones, the unofficial blog editor, also known as our amazing grammar corrector (although we haven't been getting many corrections as

we have been using this brilliant app called grammarly, a perfection website)! Here it is:
Question 1: What are the best things about being Deputy Head of Walderslade Primary School?
Answer: The good things are that I get to see the Walderslade Primary School children everyday and help them with lots of different things! I have been able to help lots since I joined the school and I am very proud of all the children and teachers too.

Question 2: What do you like best about our school?
Answer: The best thing about the school is that it is small, that it really feels like a little family. We all look out for each other and learn together!

Question 3: What do you like best about teaching year one in the afternoons?
Answer: Willow class are so much fun and teaching them always makes me smile! They are so eager to learn and always ask me questions that I don't see coming!

Question 4: And finally, are you going to be sad when Oak class leave this year, as you actually used to teach them as year four pupils, which included the survival sleepover, which is where you made Poppy put her newly washed hair into 'fish guts' then forgetting to put the prize in after all that, apparently the longest minute of her life!!? (Her words, not mine)!
Answer: I will be sad to see Oak Class leave, as I am every year six when they leave, but this year group will be extra sad. Oak class were the first class I taught when I joined Walderslade and we had a lot of fun together, including the sleepover that you talked about in the question! I think that you always remember the children you teach, and I will certainly remember our current oak class!

On 31st January year four had a fun-filled China day where they tasted all sorts of food, to go with the theme of Chinese new year and linking onto that theme I would just like to mention the thunk of the week for this week which is: What would you use to warn off evil spirits? Which is a good question which you should answer in the comments section, and we would like to remind you about the #comment competition ~ please keep them coming because we haven't a clue what to write about and for these blogs to continue, we are in need of your help. For more information check: 2017 is here blog for the details. During their day they indulged into a lovely, traditional Chinese dinner, duck pancakes and rice topped with soy sauce, as a starter, if that's not living the dream, what is? Although their early lunch interrupted the dining hall, as there wasn't enough tables for Willow class, however they were enjoying themselves so much I don't think they noticed!

Maple class did a 'fantastically great' experiment earlier on in the week and although Poppy will talk about this in more detail, I couldn't help but mention that I want to pop down to for the afternoon, they've been wrapping themselves up like mummies this term to go with their 'Egyptian' theme, which is quite scary, but with what I can hear from it, it sounds absolutely fantastic, I wish we could have done this when we were in Maple Class! Over to Poppy!:

 Emma and I are starting something new this week. Every week we will have a secret of the week and a joke of the, your first secret of the week is...that every Tuesday; Mr Goodwin teaches us and the whiteboard always plays up when he’s teaching us! Mr Goodwin and the rest of Oak class do have a bit of a giggle!

The joke of the week is:

Knock, knock!

Who’s there?


Oswald who?

Help, help Oswald my gum!

If you have a joke of the week for us, please put it in the comment section and your joke could be on our next blog!

This week year three had a visitor, named Mr Berry. Mr Berry taught Maple class how to make fossils! So, we interviewed some year three girls to find out how they made them. Here it is:

1. You get a shell and put play dough on top of it

2. Press the play dough hard to get a print

3. Take the shell out

4. Mix some plaster with water

5. Put the plaster in

6. Wait for 20 minutes to dry

7. And finally, peel the play dough off


And there you have it! How maple class made fossils last week. The maple class girls said that it was fun, exciting, good, interesting, brilliant and amazing!

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2017 is here!

rowla089 on: Writing Champions Blog

Welcome back to Walderslade’s Weekly Writing Champion’s Blog, where we tell you all about what’s been happening in Walderslade Primary School this week, so let’s get the gossip…


However, just before we do so, we would like to say a personal ‘Writing Champion’s Message’ officially from Poppy and Emma and of course everybody else at Walderslade Primary School! ‘We hope you enjoyed your holidays, and we wish you all the best in this year, 2017!’ Back to the blog!


This term, we would like to take this opportunity, as it’s a new year, a fresh start we thought we would be entirely honest, there has been a small difficulty when uploading the blogs. So we wanted you to understand the reasons behind why we haven’t been uploading many blogs. Unfortunately, we have not been uploading as frequently as we may have hoped too, but all is going to change this term, because our promise from us to you is to try our hardest to ensure that the blogs are uploaded on time every single week. If there isn’t a blog one week we will try and make it up for the missing one by adding a shorter blog in another day in the next week, but hopefully you understand that we run a tight schedule with our jobs (buddies, sports leaders, house captains etc.)  If anything changes we will let you know as soon as we do, and that is a definite promise! Every blog that we do should be on time now, we have no excuses for it not to be, we apologise in advance if anything goes wrong with any of the blog uploading this year (although I’m kind of hoping that won’t happen)! We now have it under control due to the fact that we have an email!


Throughout Term Two the charity committee (a group of Oak Class children including Poppy and I) have been working hard to raise money for the Wisdom Hospice, a charity very close to everyone’s heart. There is a target we have set of £2000, which is a lot of money, but fingers crossed we can make it happen! Their daily amount of money that they will use is £2000 so if we can complete this, it’ll be fantastic! Throughout three terms we have been doing fun and interactive games and activities, these include: Two school fares, after school fundraising, tag days and much more, we hope to do a cake sale, so get excited! That should be around! (We will make you aware of the exact dates, as we do not actually know ourselves, yet)! We may have some numbers by next week so stay tuned for then, next week’s blog seems pretty exciting by the sounds of it!


Now we would like to speak some more about the (not so new anymore) New Year! And look into our schools resolution ideas some more, our school’s new year’s resolution is probably more enthusiastic about Mondays! Even if we are a bit tired!

We are excited for the year! And we are excited for the question of the week! Which is…:’what is your favourite thing about the snow?’ the best answer written in the comments section will get a shout out in the next blog. Only if they remember to use the hash tag #CommentCompetition and we will also be replying to the best answers so make sure you keep them coming! If you have any ideas for next week’s blog we appreciate all comments and suggestions and if you write #CommentCompetition you are guaranteed a shout out! It’s a win win situation!


Thank you for reading all about what’s been going on In Walderslade from your very own official writing champions! Poppy and Emma!


Happy New Year!

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