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Equal opportunity policy

Statements of Principle

The Governing Body of this school is committed to working towards equality and diversity and combating discrimination and harassment of any sort. The school will not discriminate against pupils, staff, visitors and helpers on the basis of racial or ethnic origin, gender, sexual orientation, religious beliefs, age or disability.

This policy extends to the school’s recruitment and admissions procedures.

The school understands the contribution education can make in encouraging positive and questioning attitudes towards equal opportunities in the context of the wider community and recognises that:

  • Developing understanding of the views and rights of groups to which we do not ourselves belong is an important part of learning to live in society.
  • Children learning to understand and respect differences of gender, race, religion, age, sexual orientation, ability and disability and social disadvantage enhance the school’s curriculum.

The school undertakes therefore:

  • To promote the self-esteem and to foster the social and emotional growth of each child throughout school life and in particular through the school’s pastoral system and PSHE curriculum.
  • To endeavour to ensure that both boys and girls have full entitlement to a broad and balanced programme and opportunities.
  • To provide, through the behaviour of the staff, towards each other and towards children, an example that will encourage children to grow up conscious of the importance of equal opportunities and respect for others.
  • To respect the cultural and ethnic diversity of children, parents and staff, welcoming the enrichment of the learning environment, which this brings and to foster positive attitudes towards our multi-cultural society.
  • To recognise and value differing religious belief systems within the teaching of religious studies, and to make staff and pupils aware of relevant religious festivals and of any implications they may have for certain pupils.
  • To make use of opportunities within the life of the school to increase religious awareness and tolerance and to forge links with the wider community to promote an understanding of and respect for others.

As set out in the Accessibility policy, the school will make every effort to ensure that no child, parent or member of staff is disadvantaged as a result of their disability, although it needs to be recognised that the physical layout of the site and the buildings may restrict the movement of individuals with particular difficulties with mobility.


Any complaints that occur as a result of this policy should, in the first instance, be reported to the appropriate line manager and Headteacher. If complaints cannot be resolved they may be referred to the Governors of the school.

Action Plan



Time / Resources

To monitor reporting of any incidents.

To include in staff meetings and discuss issues raised.


Consider impact on other policies.

Check all new policies for gender, race, disability issues.


To ensure fair recruitment,

Review advertising process.

As appropriate,

Achievement analysed.

Analysis of data to consider gender, LAC, disability, race issues.

June yearly.


Review - July 2021