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Admissions Policy

  • Walderslade Primary School is a 3-11years school with inclusive provision. It also includes a Nursery which admits children during the term after their third birthday.
  • The main principle of admission to Waldersalde Primary School is to maintain the character of the school as a local school serving its community. The school is an inclusive school that welcomes children from all backgrounds and abilities.
  • There is no guarantee of a place for any child meeting our over-subscription criteria. Admission to our school is not dependent upon any ‘voluntary’ contribution nor is linked to attendance at our school nursery.
  • The school participates in the Local Authority co-ordinated scheme and all deadlines within that should be adhered to by applicants.
  • Appeals will be managed by the Rivermead Inclusive Trust
  • All children who reach the age of 5 years old between September 1st and 31st August are admitted to school during September.
  • The Published Admission Number for Walderslade Primary is 30OVERSUBSCRIPTION CRITERIA
  • If there are more applications for a school than places available, all other applications for community and voluntary controlled schools will be priorities using the oversubscription criteria below and places will be allocated in the following order: 


Children in public care 

Sometimes referred to as looked after children (As defined in the Medway co-ordinated scheme), these are children for whom the council provides a home by agreement with their parents or who are subject to a care order under part IV of the Children Act 1989. 


Current family association/ sibling (a brother or sister attending the named school at the time of application) 

We give priority to children who have a sibling at the named school. Sibling means a child who lives as brother / sister in the same house and includes natural siblings, adopted siblings, foster siblings and step sibling. Extended family, for example cousins, living in the same house do not qualify as siblings. Please note that if the older sibling is in Year 6 at the time of application. the link cannot be considered, as they will not be in the school


When the younger child would start in the following September.


Child’s health reasons.

Medical evidence must be provided to the Student Services Admissions Team. This evidence must demonstrate a specific link between the child’s medical condition and needs and how the named school can meet these needs.


Nearness of children’s home and ease of access to the school

 Distances are measured using the shortest available safe walking route between the home and school. Full details of how distances are measured can be found in the Medway Admissions booklet.


Please note for children of multiple birth – in the event of the school being oversubscribed where the parent / carer for the final qualifying place(s) available is the parent/ carer of twins, triplets or multiple birth, the council would give multiple birth applications a higher priority for places that other applications with the exception of children in public care. This will enable multiple birth children to be offered places at the same school. You must tick the appropriate box on the application form to indicate your children are of multiple birth.


Tiebreaker – in the event of a tie within any criterion, places will be allocated to those living closet to the school measured by the shortest walking route.

To apply for a place contact Medway Admissions on 01634 331110 or




Parents / carers need to complete the Casual in- Year Admission Form and places will be offered in accordance with the co-ordinated scheme.


  1. Parents can apply for a causal admission at any time during the school year.
  2.  2.If no places are available at the time of application, a waiting list will be maintained. Names are kept in priority order according to the oversubscription criteria and not according to how long a child’s name have been on the list.
  3. Any places that become available will be offered to the child at the top of the list
  4. All vacancies will be allocated as they arise.


APPEALS: Parents / carers have the right to appeal if a place is not offered to their child. Appeals will be handled in line with the School Admissions Appeals Code.